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This project was detailed and specified by a local architect.

They requested Rosewood timber to be used for all timber joinery, including the internal architraves and skirtings.

The Rosewood was ordered from a local merchant, who had to source it in from another company.

The Rosewood was machined and profiled to suit our NZS4211 profiles, and all elements required were custom made and custom machined.

The exterior glazing beads were made from off cuts from the larger sections.

The timber for the doors was laminated out of 2 layers of Ex 50mm thick sections of Rosewood, in order to achieve the thickness we needed.Because the sliding doors had 3 large thick doors in the frame, the jamb depth was quite deep.

We had to laminate up several pieces of Rosewood timber to achieve the depth we needed. Our joiner machined grooves right up the length of each section of timber, and used a large continuousRosewood“biscuit”to join the lengths. This kept the join strong and prevented any movement between the sections.

An oil coat was factory applied to all doors, sashes and frames before leaving our factory. Subsequent coats of oil were applied after we site glazed the doors and sashes.