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Shared Templates

Below are downloadable templates submitted by members for sharing with Master Joiner members.

Templates are submitted for use as a guide only. The submitter nor Master Joiners accept responsibility for how members use and or apply the use of the template.

Please read joinery supply agreement template notice.

The Registered Master Joiners Joinery supply agreement template is provided as a membership service for the exclusive use of Registered Master Joiner members.  In doing so, The New Zealand Joinery Manufacturers Federation Inc disclaims all and any liability to the fullest extent permitted by law in connection with the suitability of the template agreement for your intended use.  In deciding to use this template agreement you are doing so in reliance on your own skill and judgement, and you are urged to obtain independent legal advice as to the suitability of this template agreement for your intended use. 

In downloading and using the joinery supply agreement, you agree you have read and understood the disclaimer above.