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Workplace Safety Checklist


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  • The following Safety Checklist is designed to help you do a quick self-assessment of where you stand in terms of legal compliance.
  • The questions asked cover the key areas that are critical to a compliant safety system.
  • If you are able to answer most questions positively, we congratulate you. We do encourage you to tidy up the areas that are not answered positively. The Master Joiners Health & Safety Guide, will assist you in understanding what needs to be done in those areas.
  • If most questions are answered negatively, the Master Joiners Health & Safety Guide outlines some simple solutions. Securo Ltd is also available to give practical help.
  • We encourage all members to take a positive proactive approach to safety. The structure that a compliant safety system gives you will reduce risk in your workplace. A compliant safety system can often improve the business in unexpected ways, one of which is helping to improve communication and the flow of ideas within the business.


  • SECTION 1: Practical Safety in the Workplace - Day to day safety procedures practised in the workplace
  • SECTION 2: Policy and procedures in the Workplace - Written evidence of an active Safety System
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