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Cooper Webley

The designer was given the fantastic opportunity to design a show home kitchen for a local housing company. 

Having so much freedom was unknown territory for the designer and their mind was boggled with all the exciting concepts swirling around in her head. The only handbrakes were the company owners’ and being led by a small to medium investment amount.  

The Design – conceptually based upon a winter forest with snow-laden rocks (the island), finally had the approval of the company owners and many of their companions, national work colleagues and friends.  

The unique island incorporates a luscious, curved bench top – emphasized by the delicate Birch Ply edging.  Dark Green receding toe kicks give the island the “floating” effect, lifting and accentuating the stark white against the dark green and fluted Smokey Oak in the back hob wall. 

The island sits within a space that was never going to be ideal for sitting in, as a dining table needed to fill the area adjacent to it whilst also being the key passageway to the rest of this small home. 

Utilizing the skylights meant we could go dark in the back joinery and add texture to contrast against the super smooth acrylic curve. The textured panels in Prime Panel Smokey Oak with the timberland finish pressed onto black substrate and then grooved, references forests.  

A LED lighting strip running under the shelve through to the rangehood in warm white adds that cozy feel for the upcoming winter nights.  The small pantry continues with the dark green 20mm “Wicked” benchtop accompanied with open white storage, simple but complimentary. 

This show home has already sold prior to its opening mid 2022, with the new owner very excited to have a such uniquely designed kitchen.