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Highest Judged & Best Timber Project Over 2 Years


Jones Isefo

McNaughton Windows and Doors


 Each side consists of two stacking doors over a fixed door in both directions.

I had previously completed every aspect of this frame on various other jobs however never had a responsibility to complete it on my own and certainly not one that was clear finished.

I used the JMF system including aluminium threshold, interlockers and air seals. The sloping 333mm x 60mm sill was formed by machining then laminating ex65mm thick Iroko.

The sill reveal was then glued onto the sill to fit the fixed door and slider on either side. The doors were double glazed and due to the size of the doors being 2662mm x 1490mm x 65mm I used a BR400 Zebratti track. 

I fitted the fixed doors, sized the sliding doors, fixed rollers, guides and interlockers onto sliding doors and installed them in the frame.