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Hawke’s Bay




The Concept behind this design is bringing the sunny, beachy, local lifestyle into the bar.

Accommodating up to 100 people while creating a welcoming trendy environment to target all.

It was important to actively work with Napier City Council to restore original Heritage elements from what was the original Napier club.

Working with Art deco we retained the timber flooring and structure of the front of the building. We came in with an original but modernized commercial hospitality venue.


Working within the existing wall layout and entrance, blending the art deco era while bring a modern beach feel to the environments.

It was vital to get the flow and space allowances right to encourage people into the bar area with a visual eyeline of where to go, to eliminate the confusion of waiting to be seated, having to work with in existing heritage features and beams we spent allot of time around the entrance so a group can be exiting and entering at the same time.

There is a large amount of space so we tried to create cosy areas to eliminate feeling lost / space feeling empty and hung rope pendent lights to provide a more intermit feeling. The clients requested a beachy & oceans vibes while not being a nautical theme bar.

With looking to cater to 100 people in the venue, we modified the bar layout multiple times to remove the congestion of customers waiting, and have 4x main serving areas.


Heritage – Keeping original timber floors/ layout of the rooms/ atrium, fireplaces, timber panelling on the walls to entrance

Layout – With working to the original foot print of the entrance and rooms, creating the flow from entrance for people entering and exiting at the same time, also providing a different feel in each of the rooms

Bar – Using the Blue tiles to replicate water shimmer, as the sun rays change during the day so does the front of the bar appearance. Making the bar the centre a feature of it’s own with natural pastel colors to the walls.

Atrium – This original structure from the Napier Club period was iconic to create natural warmth and lightness, we re-molded the timber and added changeable LED lighting above the glass, at night time is when this area comes to life with the warmth of the orange lighting that creates a warm glow from the rusty feature wall on the entrance.

Rope Walls – Creating a separate dining area while not enclosing the spaces from these rope features at the end of the bar and fire seating area

Stations – Separate rooms for people. Pool room, Bar, booth seating, outside area, dining area behind ropes. Space for traffic flow and workers to move around. Depending on your moody there is an area that will cater to it

Colours – Brass relating to the costal environments. Blue for the ocean shimmers. Rusty feature wall to represent the oceans rough side, Yellow for the sunny summer days. Following a neutral white pallet so the splash back on island is the feature.

Hanging Lights – With the high ceilings, we hung pendent lights to minimise the feeling of feeling lost in the open space while retaining the height.