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Executive Committee Reports to the Regions

Read the Executive Committee Report to the Regions to learn more of the general and strategic work of the Executive Committee.

Reports are tabled at meetings or can be viewed here by clicking on the read more link below.  For the e-news library, click the news drop down icon to go to the library.

April 2019
Headlines – Vocational Reform, Awards, State of the Industry and Strategic Activity.  Read more here.

July 2019
Headlines – Regional President Changes, JTT and JMF Representatives, Partner Program, Ethics and Standards, Jobs Board, Careers NZ.  Read more here.

October 2019
Headlines – Leadership Support, Professional Development Pilot, Wood Dust Review, JMF, Awards, Master Joiners 30K Contract.  Read more here.

March 2020
Headlines – ACC Category Ratings, Master Joiners 30K Contract, Ethics and Standards, Ken Monk Awards, Master Joiners Jobs Board, Owen Wright Memorial Award,
Conference 2020.  Read more here. 

September 2020 
Headlines – 30K contract,  strategic activity, LinkedIn, Facebook, AGM, Awards. Read more here.

October 2020
Headlines – 30K contract, strategic activity, Conference 2021, appointed strategy leads.  Read more here.

April 2021
General Business, Conference, Master Joiner Banners, and Social Media.  Read more here.