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Disputes Procedure – Adopted August 2021

Complaints now form part of everyday business life and can absorb a lot of operational resources to manage them.  Good complaint management forms part of customer service and contributes to business success.  Complaints can challenge us and our time however they are also a good source of customer insight which can contribute to business improvement and reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.  

Master Joiners have adopted a dispute procedure for Master Joiners to follow when managing complaints.  Below are the resources to support good complaint management.  Members are encouraged to familiarise themselves with these resources and review their own in house processes accordingly.

Members should be mindful that consumers can and do often complain directly to the Federation.  Click here to read more about the consumer process or visit the online consumer complaint page

Why a Complaint Process is Important

Download the explanation guide on why a good process is important and how to reduce complaint escalation.  Read through the guide to support how your respond to and attend to complaints.

Complaints Process for Members

The Master Joiners’ Code of Ethics outlines the commitment to quality workmanship, acting with integrity and being fair to customers.  Download the complaints process for Master Joiner members and learn the three steps to handling a customer complaint.   A good process also ensures opportunity to look at any legal obligations.

Complaints Process Checklist

A step by step checklist has been developed to compliment the complaints process.  Download the checklist and have it available for appointed staff to follow.

Tips to Reduce Complaint Escalation

Nipping complaints in the bud as early as possible reduces complaints getting out of hand.  Download the tips to reduce complaint escalation and become familiar with the six easy steps.

Sample Letter to Complainants

Documenting the management of the complaint records the steps taken and what was agreed between the parties.  This documentation process begins with acknowledging a complaint in writing in a timely manner.  Download the sample letter of text to support that first step.  Be mindful of where you store complaint documentation as these matters should be treated as confidential.