Our complaint process for consumers

If you have a complaint or disagreement with one of our Master Joiner members, in the first instance you must raise this issue with the Master Joiner Member that undertook the work for you. The Master Joiner Member will address your concerns and try to resolve the issue directly with you. At any stage you or the Master Joiner Member may involve the New Zealand Joinery Manufacturers Federation (NZ Master Joiners). To register a complaint with you will need to complete page two and three of this document. If you need help to complete this form please contact NZJMF. Your complaint to us can only be made against a Master Joiner Member or Master Joiner Associate. The most important thing for you to communicate to the Master Joiner Member is the outcome you
are seeking to resolve your complaint.

Our process

Our complaints process is one that focuses on trying to find a resolution for both you and our member.  Our process is not mediation.  It is a confidential process. This means anything discussed or agreed too during the process remains confidential and cannot be used in any other forum, disseminated to other people or, placed on any form of social media. You will be asked to agree to this confidentiality.  The process is also a transparent one. This means any information you provide us will be shared with the member who is the subject of the complaint and, any information provided to NZJMF by the member will be shared with you.

If this matter has already been referred to another jurisdiction, the New Zealand Joinery Manufacturers Federation may not be able to help you resolve your complaint. Once you have provided information regarding your complaint to NZJMF (which you must do formally by filling out the last page of this document) we will seek a response from the MJ member. We will look at all information provided and provide both parties with a response. During this process
we may ask you further questions, submit the complaint to our Master Joiner Complaint Committee or seek help from our external complaint resolution expert.


The outcome of your complaint can vary and may include:

  1. A recommendation to the MJ member to take rectification action
  2. An apology to you from the MJ member
  3. No further action – an explanation may or may not be given as to why this is the result.
  4. An undertaking from the MJ member to make changes to their services or processes.
  5. Internal disciplinary action taken by the New Zealand Joinery Manufacturers Federation.

We will maintain regular contact with you and the member to keep both parties informed of progress.


Our process aims to deal with complaints as efficiently as possible. On average this can take between six and eight weeks, depending on if we need to ask further questions  or if  the complaint is referred to the Resolution Institute for professional mediation. 

Referral for Mediation 

New Zealand Joinery Manufacturers Federation may refer the complaint and the parties to the Resolution Institute  for appropriate mediation. The mediation services of the Resolution Institute are a chargeable service, both parties will be advised of any costs before any mediation commences. Any costs incurred are the responsibility of the two parties and not the New Zealand Joinery Manufacturers Federation.