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D-Mac Joinery

The Brief:

A functional modern country farmhouse with clean lines & a simple silhouette that would blend in to its surroundings.

A statement that has been reiterated throughout this project.

‘Functionality’ was a keyword used to form the design as this was highly important to the clients.

Each unit was designed with functionality at the forefront to ensure that there was ample useable storage while maintaining the simple clean lines to help the joinery ‘disappear’.

Oak Art Planked Veneer was used throughout the joinery and finished with a high-quality stain to give the colour depth so it became seamlessly part of the home, this included the wardrobes, vanities, library & bar.


Key Project features:

•This project required over 80 sheets of Oak Art Planked Veneer. Each unit was hand made in the workshop before being disassembled for transport & finishing.

•Each unit was reassembled on site & meticulously installed to the smallest of tolerances. 10mm negative details.

•A mixture of 36mm & 19mm Oak Art Planked Veneer was used. The 36mm was a special order that had to be pressed for this project.

•Constructed using Blum hardware including Legra box drawers in orion grey to make the drawers ‘disappear’.

•High quality Buster & Punch handles to finish. A mixture of T Bar & Bar handles complimented the space.

•LED lighting flush mounted in each unit.

•Constructed using traditional craftmanship, joining & hand finishing.