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It’s all about the brief.

We were commissioned by a national trucking company to design and build a suite of office joinery for their new head office These items included: Reception counter, boardroom credenza and board room table.

“We want the joinery to look like our trucks. Come up with something that will make an impression”

“Use colours , shapes, chrome, clean lines, our signature graphic and most of all, we want a map on New Zealand and some way we can identify each of our branches. Oh… and we want to be able to drawer on the table too ?!”.

I set about gathering materials that would; replicate the trucks, look spectacular together while also providing durable, functional joinery. Let’s say we ‘nailed it’…..even the truck drivers were impressed, now that’s saying something. Oh, and one more thing, they wanted to be able to add more locations to the table as they add new depots. We achieved this too.



– Prime – Acrylic, Black gloss.

-Counter surface

– Laminex, Alucci Black matt.

-Edge trim

– Laminex Mettalic, Aluminium polished.


– Viridian, 10mm low iron toughened glass.

-Drawer system

– Blum, Legrabox Terra Black matt.

-Hinge system

– Blum Clip Clip-top Inserta.


– Custom LED diodes and control system

(battery powered).

-Graphic – Custom vinyl on ACM panel.