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Best Use of Colour




In a full renovation of this 1980’s home, the owners had a bold vision for a colour and material palette to

balance and complement the heavy use of macrocarpa in the original building.

Long-lasting materials such as stainless steel and vinyl were used alongside recycled materials in the bar panelling and dresser bench top.


• Memphis Blue melamine tied in perfectly with the textured vinyl flooring. A 10mm under bench negative in the same colour was used to give some relief to thinner back bench top.

• Recycled plastic panelling was featured on the island bar panels. This has a massive visual impact both in the mix of colour but also textural variation. Manufacturing and install of this product was very challenging due to the varying waste materials inherent to the product. It was too soft in places to be sanded and we found using a hardwood oak block alone was the best for sanding and polishing the edges, followed by a heat-gun to finish. Gluing also required some trial and error due to our regular silicones not sticking to it consistently and hence requiring a polyurethane, always nerve racking against finished products!

• Satin (brushed) stainless steel was used for the bench tops, up stand and frame. This sits nicely in the colour palette, matching in with the appliances and not fighting for attention with the blue and timber.

Contrasting thicknesses were used to differentiate the spaces. A unique foot-rest set away from the bar panel made for an interesting and practical detail. The up stand behind the cooktop extends up to meet the window, and was made at 12mm thick so the 10mm macrocarpa had a finishing point with some allowance for thickness variation.

• Custom powder coating was done over rounded stainless steel handles. This limited colour choice but the best matches were soon found and have tied in nicely.

• Other cabinetry fitted a 5m length of yellow dresser cabinetry for the master bedroom, utilising an existing macrocarpa bench, and 2 bright vanities for the 2 bright bathrooms.


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