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As featured in Moving Houses TV1, Clonbern Estate is a beautifully restored villa positioned on the Awhitu Peninsula.

The villa will be a much-anticipated events and accommodation venue, with every hallmark for superb coastal & countryside living.

Awhitu means ‘longing to return’ and formed the client’s brief: “provide a design that will indulge family and friends with an exciting kitchen – a space where everyone who visits will long to return time & time again.

Finally, respect a little of the villa’s grand history and character.”

Key Features

– Preserving the villa vibe has been achieved by retaining the original hardwood flooring, while bespoke cabinetry aligns with the character of a bygone era & ties in with its new French door joinery.

– Marble has been used to acknowledge the superb coastal and country setting. The stunning veining in the marble connects with the ocean and provides a sense of movement and waves.

– Excitement and a twist has been captured in the elegant curved marble countertop and base which breaks up the large island and provides visual impact and a sense of lightness. The sink and wall mounted tapware are discreet but very much a part of the design story, keeping the countertop linear/crisp.

– A marble splash back contrasts with the island countertop to keep the dynamic theme going. Bold use of colour and mixed textures (wood and marble) also creates interest.

– Creating just one kitchen wall has resolved the issue of an awkward layout and works with the open plan vibe.- To increase a guest’s desire to return, we have injected innovation, cutting edge appliances and bespoke lighting. The pendants are practical and aesthetically pleasing for taking photographs and capturing special occasions. The entires pace flows and is easy to food & party prep.

– Functionality is never overlooked – in this example, the central island is a practical dining arrangement. The scullery offers shelving, extra bench space and storage. All integrated appliances are cutting-edge.


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