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Best Fitment Under 2 Years


Daniel McWilliams

Cube Dentro


The clients of this contemporary home required a kitchen that would look great in its open-plan layout and unique ceiling lines.

They requested ample storage and excellent functionality. It was also important for the kitchen to feel anchored in the wider room and have a measure of creativity and originality.

Key Features

– Beautiful floating shelves in the scullery create a statement (along with being functional).

– Open shelves in the island are great for displaying recipe books.

– Recessed handles on the cabinetry removes the need for hardware and are easy to clean.

– Finger tiles in both the kitchen & scullery were the answer for creativity.

– The dark rangehood with strip lighting amps up the originality.

– A centralised layout with a limited colour palette makes the space feel anchored and timeless.

– From the scullery cabinetry and open shelving, to the extra shelving under the island – storage is everywhere!

The Process

To begin this project, I looked over the requirements with the tradesman who was assisting me. From a CNC list I cut out and edge-taped the project. I then made all of the carcasses/base units and over-cupboards before levelling it all up and fixing it together. Next up, I set out the island to suit the back wall of the kitchen with the plan to guide me. Finally, I cleaned up and fitted all doors and drawer fronts and integrated the dishwasher. Finally, the open shelves were glued up and fitted above the base units.

The Challenges

– Gluing up the open shelves in the scullery. This was tricky because all the gaps had to be even when gluing them & all the Lamellos needed to line up, along with ensuring the light track grooves matched up. I used packers to prop the shelves when gluing them (keeping them square with the back panels). The shelves had a tongue on the reverse and were glued to the back panel along with screws to provide additional support & ensure the entire unit was secure.

– Installing the benchtop in the scullery was a steep learning curve.

– The project was a fantastic opportunity to perfect my workmanship on open shelving!