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Best Compliant Timber Joinery



 A statement piece designed to open up the entire back section of the clients home, giving unprecedented indoor outdoor flow to the private outside living space.

The client required a 3 meter high slider with an 8 meter clear walkthrough. Sliding doors would stack over the exterior cladding of the home with overlay flooring running over the top of the sill. 

A total slider length of 12.2 meters made this an enormous undertaking.

The project was manufactured utilising a combination of Red Cedar, Rosewood, 12mm Plywood, and a  specialised carriage system.

Careful consideration had to be made regarding the manufacture of the styles. Any small amount of bowing would prevent this slider from operating seamlessly over the coming years.

The customer required a hidden electronic blind incorporated into the head.

The installed rollers were rated up to 400kg with a double carriage system. These were used to move each 3m high x 2.1m wide Sliding Panel with the over 200kg of incorporated glass.

The challenges working with a 12m long item of joinery are the people and space.  Every move needed to be well thought out and choreographed.

The slider was disassembled and fully reinstated on site. 

Locating a delivery vehicle that would take a 12.2m item was a task in itself. 

 Sliders are fine tuned items of joinery, any small bow can compromise the efficacy of the system. For this project it was understood that just inserting steel in the styles to prevent bowing would not be enough, a different process would have to be devised. 

The Door styles were instead manufactured from layered 12mm plywood, vacuumed pressed into a straight and rigid product and clashed with Western Red cedar for additional stability.  


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