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The church had extensive fire damage in 2020, it le􀅌 a lot of the old historic build in bad shape including some of its prized old rose windows. We had to match these exactly as is to match the rest of the building because of its historic nature. Witness who has been working with us for 20 years was the man for the job, using handmade jigs, custom made blades we managed to recreate these historic pieces.

We used accoya for its stability, we faced many issues, such as the chamfer that ends at a point, this kept breaking out at the point, Witness managed to machine the point separately running with the grain to stop the break out, he then laminated each point to the sash. On top of this we needed to ensure that each sash had the correct angles and curves so that they could be put together much like a jigsaw. It was a challenging job all manufactured without a CNC machine and just by spindle and hand, but we feel like the final product gave this historic beauty justice.