History of the New Zealand Joinery Manufacturers Federation Incorporated

The New Zealand Joinery Manufacturers Federation (NZJMF) has been representing and advocating for the joinery manufacturing industry in New Zealand for over 60 years. Its members include a diverse range of joinery manufacturers, suppliers, and industry supporters.

NZJMF values quality and excellence in the craft of joinery, innovation, and sustainability. It provides support and resources to its members to promote these values and advance the industry through training, education, and networking opportunities.

The organisation engages in advocacy work to promote the interests of its members to government and industry stakeholders. This involves advocating for fair trade practices, promoting industry standards, and addressing regulatory issues that affect the industry.

NZJMF's Executive Committee, led by the Advisory Group, governs with a forward focus on the organisation's purpose. The collectivist belief is to benefit diverse members, inclusive of all backgrounds and experiences, and to develop and maintain a workforce that is both inclusive and equitable.

The NZJMF is committed to promoting excellence in the joinery industry through the training of joinery apprentices, who are recognised as tomorrow’s joinery craftspeople, ensuring they have the skills and knowledge required to excel in the industry. NZJMF members offer apprenticeships and training programs that provide a comprehensive education in all aspects of joinery, from design and planning to construction and installation, with the view of providing a competent workforce for a sustainable future that thrives.

NZJMF members known in the market as Registered Master Joiners are committed to quality work and customer service. They come from a variety of backgrounds, including small business owners, apprentices, and industry leaders. The organisation provides a community platform for them to connect, collaborate, and learn from each other, which has enabled it’s members to survive and thrive over the years.

"Our values are our foundations, holding us strong in joinery. With every today preparing us for tomorrow, and every yesterday serving as a pinnacle of every value we hold dear, every member is a teacher, every teacher is a learner, and every learner is our tomorrow”.

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