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2023 Best Use Of Creative Lighting




This project was an incredibly complex project from start to finish. We had to turn a designers dream into reality in a 6 month timeframe with a 3 month build and installation.

This project features a Volkswagen converted into a DJ booth with leather seating, curved joinery work, walls covered in upholstery pads, LED illuminated walls, display cases, bar, wine room, workshop area, upholstered seating, concealed doors and wall panelling, star gazing ceiling, corian backlit ceiling feature and bar ceilings.

Due to time constraints we had to be extremely vigilant when ensuring the big picture design was able to come together on a functional level with all of the details accounted for as there was no time to get it wrong and make any reworks. It also meant we weren’t able to sample different styles, or doors, or have much timetimeto match timber colours.

Another layer of difficult came from dealing with new materials we haven’t worked with before including brass mesh and LED flexisheets.


  • Solid and veneer Am. WhiteOak
  • Solid brass
  • Brass mesh
  • Stone /corian
  • Leather
  • Metalwork
  • LED Flexisheet
  • Pressed tin panels