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2023 Best Stairs




We were approached to see if we were willing to tackle this mammoth staircase project a 7 3 metre tall Oaktree staircase consisting of an unequal elliptical trunk clad in Oak with 66 shaped branches reaching up the trunk and through the canopy.

The materials used were 12 mm pine Bendy ply, 6 mm oak crown cut Bendy ply, 25 mm oak ply laminated on duralite poly panel to reduce weight, solid oak timber used on tree trunk upright and handrails, 19 mm Birch ply used on treads and risers.   A project involving multiple site visits, templating and marking out prior to manufacturing. Once everything was finalised we created this beautiful structure working closely with a structural steel engineers to create the 150 x 150 x 10 mm box section steel tower which included 7 x 7 3 meter uprights.  Once steel work was completed and installed we then framed out all the studs and dwangs laminated Bendy ply around the trunk up to 7 3 m, then laminated and fabricated the two sets of curved stairs 1 5 m wide and fitted in place.  We installed the screen printed ply ceiling panels, then set out and installed the 66 branches made from Oak duralite panels of different shapes and sizes and curves.

These curve shapes were all edge banded using our portable Festool machine this extremely complex design and build required skills from basic to very complex. The workmanship required attention to detail using an array of hand tools and Power tools, years of know how and experience, CNC router and lots of sweet and muscle.