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2023 Best Kitchen Design




“High spec, elegant, but still minimalistic.”

The clients had a clear vision of a high-spec and elegant home. We sought to fulfil that desire through every stage of the design, production and installation process. From the quality of the joinery to the management of the project, we aimed for excellence in all aspects. The main back wall of the kitchen was no small feat, stretching over 7 metres in length. It was a challenging construction that required the utmost attention to detail. The stopped sharknose handles, in particular, were an integral part of keeping the elegant look. Constructed with Prime Black Matte Soft Touch, it will look sleek for years to come. One of the subtle yet essential feature of the wall is the American White Oak Veneer. It frames the darker material with a light contrast, both pleasing to the eye and a long lasting finish.

The lighting accentuates the kitchen. Warm light washes from above and below the large wall of cabinetry, as the island light shines out from the very inside edge of the stone bench. The client has since talked about how they enjoy a evening view of the city, the house lit only by the kitchen and fireplace lighting, a testament to how exceptional design can blend seamlessly with practicality.

While Prime Black Matte Soft Touch and American White Oak veneer contrast in shades of light and dark, the real masterpiece is the kitchen island. The client wanted a thick stone benchtop, but we refused to settle for anything less than the best. Drawing on years of experience and inspiration, our in house designer team crafted a breath-taking design that fit perfectly with the client’s objective of high spec, elegant, but still minimalistic. The hand-made timber slats on the back of the island serve a double purpose, not only to integrate the island into the room, but also are hidden doors to maximise the space in a unique design element.